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SubZero Frequently Asked Questions

SubZero High School Curling Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I play if I have never curled before?

A:  This is a competitive curling club, athletes must have completed one session of Chaska Curling Center Junior Curling and/or pass a curling knowledge and skills assessment to participate.  New curlers should join the Chaska Curling Center Junior Curling Program to learn the sport.

Q:  What grades can join the SubZero Curling Team?

A:  SubZero is open to students enrolled in grades 7 through 12 for the 2019-2020 academic year

Q:  Is SubZero limited to students from certain high schools?

A:  SubZero is open to students from all school districts.  The varsity team schedule is based upon the lettering requirements for Chanhassen and Chaska High Schools but we will support students who wish to apply for a letter at their home high school

Q:  What are the requirements to letter?

A:  To qualify for a letter with Chaska or Chanhassen High Schools athletes must meet the following requirements:

-Positive and active participation in at least 150 hours of “in-season” activities (practice, competitions, etc.)

-No unexcused absences or tardiness

-Must participate in a minimum of 3 bonspiels in competitive or advanced divisions.

-Demonstrate understanding of the game, skills development, strategy, and spirit of curling

-Adhere to the player code of conduct

Q:  What equipment do I need?

A:  Clean shoes are required.  Curling shoes and brooms are not required, however, curling shoes are strongly recommended.

Most curling centers provide sliders and brooms for use during practice and competition.

Curling clubs are cold, players need to dress appropriately and be prepared to remain on the ice for extended periods of time.  A team jacket/sweatshirt is provided as part of team registration fees.

Q:  Do I need to be a member of the Chaska Curling Club to join SubZero?

A:  Yes, you need to have an active membership with the Chaska Curling Club to participate on the SubZero team.  You can join the Chaska Curling Center when registering for SubZero.

Q:  What is included with the registration fees?

A:  Chaska Curling Center High School Team registration fees

Varsity:  $395

Junior Varsity:  $290


-Ice time for practice at the Chaska Curling Center

-Fees for intramural season games in Chaska, Lakeville, and Blaine

-Team Uniform

-Coaching and team expenses

-Bonspiel participation fees

-Varisty Bonspiels- Metropolis Bonspiel (Eau Claire), Elizabeth Busche Bonspiel (Duluth), Kyle Satrom Jr. Bonpsiel (St. Paul), All School HS Spiel (Blaine)

-Junior Varsity Bonspiels – Kyle Satrom Jr. Bonspiel (St. Paul), All School HS Spiel (Blaine)

*Bonspiels are subject to availability to selected bonspiels may change

Q:  What is not included with team registration fees?

A:  Chaska Curling Center High School Team registration fees do not include:

-Chaska Curling Center Membership fees ($51 Chaska Resident, $60 Non-Chaska Resident)

-Any transportation or travel expenses required to attend practice, games, or bonspiels

-Player curling equipment

-Participation fees associated with supplemental or optional bonspiels not included in team bonspiel participation fees

-Fees for optional participation in supplemental curling leagues, camps, training programs, scrimmages, any other costs associated with participation in a program or competition not listed.

Q:  What is the difference between the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams?

A:  Two levels of team play will be offered – Varsity and Junior Varsity.  Those striving to letter for either Chaska or Chanhassen High Schools will need to participate on the Varsity team to meet the necessary requirements.

Varsity teams will participate in more junior bonspiels and will compete in the higher competition brackets at these bonspiels.  These bonspiels are out of town and will require travel and overnight stays.

-There is the potential for Friday night play at some bonspiels requiring that varsity players leave school early.

-Skills assessment will be held at the beginning of the season and the coaching staff will determine athlete readiness for varsity level competition.

-If desired, varsity players can sign up to compete in additional junior bonspiels.  The fees for these bonspiels are not included in the team registration fees.

Junior Varsity teams will compete in local bonspiels that do not require an overnight stay.  They have the option of competing in either the higher competition or the developmental brackets at each bonspiel

-If desired, Junior Varsity players can sign up to compete in additional junior bonspiels.  The fees for these bonspiels are not included in the team registration fees.

Teams of 4 are required for competition/bonspiel. 

-Coaching staff may group teams.

-Players may need to alternate and share playing time.

-Individual players will be grouped to create teams.

Q:  When is the high school curling season?

A:  The SubZero curling season runs from early October to mid-March (off over school holidays).
We are attempting to create a 6 game schedule where SubZero teams will compete against high school teams from the Dakota Curling Club and the Four Seasons Curling Club.  These games are included in team registration fees.

Q:  When is practice?

A:  Practice will be held Monday & Friday – 3:45pm to 5pm and on Saturdays from 10-12pm.  Practice dates/times are subject to change.

Q:  What bonspiels will we attend, and which teams are scheduled to participate in each bonspiel?

A:  The Bonspiel (Tournaments) Schedule is below.  Dates and Bonspiels are not confirmed and are subject to changeInformation on additional, optional Jr bonspiels will be shared and participation will be encouraged.

November 1-3, 2019:  Metropolis Junior Bonspiel. Eau Claire Curling Club, Eau Claire, WI

Included in Varsity team registration fees / optional for JV players

Games start on Friday night, November 1st

December 6-9, 2019:  Elizabeth Busche Jr Bonspiel, Duluth Curling Club, Duluth, MN

Included in Varsity team registration fees / optional for JV players

Games start on Friday night, December 6th

January 9-12, 2020:  The Big Spiel,
Games rotate between four metro area curling clubs:
Chaska Curling Center, St. Paul Curling Club. Frogtown Curling Club, Four Seasons Curling Club
Included in Varsity team registration fees / optional for JV players
Games start on Thursday, players may miss school.

February 8-9, 2020:  Kyle Satrom Jr Bonspiel, St. Paul Curling Club, St. Paul, MN
Included in both Varsity and JV registration fees

Dates TBD (March/April, 2020):  All School Spiel, Four Seasons Curling Club, Blaine, MN
Included in both Varsity and JV registration fees

Q:  What do I need to know as a parent?

A:  For the inaugural season we will need volunteer support from parents to supervise practices, coordinate carpool’s, and help organize and coordinate teams at bonspiels and intramural games.  Curling experience is not necessary, we will provide a practice plan to registered athletes that they can follow independently, volunteer parents simply need to supervise athletes to ensure they are focused on practice and not misbehaving.

Parents of athletes participating at the varsity level should also make their travel plans and hotel reservations for the out of town bonspiels as soon as possible.

Q:  In addition to team registration fees, what expenses should I plan on?

A:  Curling equipment is not included in the team registration fees.  Athletes are required to have clean shoes to wear on the ice.  Curling shoes are not required but are recommended. 

Most clubs have brooms and sliders that can be borrowed but players may want to purchase their own to help deliver consistent performance.

Transportation to and from practice, games, and bonspiels is not included.  Players are responsible for arranging their own transportation.

Varsity team players will be competing in out of town bonspiels requiring overnight stays and travel expenses.  Players are responsible for covering these costs.  Most junior bonspiels provide meals for players during competition which can off-set some of these costs.

Q:  Who is the coach?

A:  For the inaugural season we will be utilizing volunteer coaches.  Several of these individuals have strong backgrounds as competitive curlers and have been involved in the Chaska Curling Center Junior Curling program for the past several years.  Our intent is to have experienced coaches at the intramural games and bonspiels.  We will be utilizing parent volunteers to supervise the practices.

The Chaska Curling Center is a US Curling Association Member Club.  Several Olympic hopefuls use the Chaska Curling Center for practice.  We hope to give SubZero athletes exposure to some of these athletes.

Q:  What is the Chaska Area Competitive Junior Curling Club (CACJCC)

A:  This is the official name of the 501(c)(3) that was formed to sponsor and support a competitive high school curling team out of the Chaska Curling Center.  We use SubZero Curling as the team nickname.

Q:  As a parent, Chaska Curling Club Member, or community resident, how can I help?

A:  Thanks for your interest!  We are always looking for volunteers to coach and help supervise practices.  We also accept tax deductible donations.  These funds will be used to hire a permanent coach and off-set team administrative fees.

Q: Can I request a discount or scholarship to off-set the team registration fees?

A:  The CACJCC board will review individual situations on a case-by-case basis and determine if a scholarship can be granted to an individual player.  To request a scholarship or grant please email us directly at [email protected]

Q:  I am unable to attend the some of the practices, games, or bonspiels, can I still participate?

A:  Yes, if you meet the requirements to participate, but are unable to make some of the scheduled events, you can still participate but you may not meet the requirements to qualify for a letter in your school district.  If you have several conflicts you may want to consider participating on the junior varsity team.

Curling is a team sport and four players are required for games.  If you know that you have conflicts preventing you from participating, especially for games and bonspiels, you need to let your team know as soon as possible so they can make arrangements to ensure they have four players who can participate.

Q:  How are teams created or assigned?

A:  Early in the season, volunteer coaches will review registered players for both the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams and will assess each players readiness to compete at their registered level.

Curling is a team sport.  Players will be able to select their own teams, with coaches approval.  All bonspiels and games on the SubZero schedule allow for coed teams so teams may include both male and female athletes.

If we are unable to form even teams of 4 each we will create larger teams and rotate playing time between players.

Q:  If I’m new to curling, can I join the team later in the season once I gain some experience?

A:  Yes, if you are new to curling we recommend you start by registering for the junior curling program at the Chaska Curling Center.  This will introduce you to the sport and give you opportunities to learn and gain experience.  After participating in the junior curling program, if you would like to continue with curling and join a competitive team you can join SubZero for the second half of the season.  You will not complete the lettering requirements but you will have an opportunity to compete this season.

Q:  Will there be a team hotel for out of town bonspiels?

A:  For SubZero’s inaugural season we will not be arranging a team hotel for out of town bonspiels.  Families are advised to make their hotel reservations as soon as possible. 

For upcoming seasons when we can anticipate the number of teams and rooms needed we hope to be able to select a team hotel.

Q:  I did not find the answer to my question here.  How can I get more information?

A:  Please contact us at [email protected]

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